Banners and Art for Social Media

Article by Gaz Creswell

Social media banners and art

First of all, what is social media art you may ask? This covers YouTube Thumbnails through to your Facebook and Twitter banners. Basically any kind of illustration or picture you find in those sections on the sites. The banners sit at the top of a profile page and thumbnails are what people see before clicking to watch a YouTube video.


The Canva Logo

We’ve searched multiple sites and we keep getting drawn back to Canva.
There is so much that you can do in this. It still surprises us about how much can be achieved with a FREE account!

There templates ready to use for specific platforms but you can create your own customized designs aswell. There are also templates for specific uses such as thumbnails, banners, backgrounds and so much more!

Tutorials are built into the website but with the rising popularity you will easily find YouTube tutorials for specific creations.

It’s definitely a must have for getting started. There’s no credit card required either. It’s something that should be bookmarked as you’ll see it can be used time and time again. I’m sure you will see it pop up in other tips along the way.

Presentation Software

Presentation software
Common presentation software

This is software like PowerPoint or Google Slides. Although it’s not designed for this type of creation it can certainly be used.

It’s easy to create a quick logo with a background image and company name to upload to your site.

You may need to make some extra steps like to export it to paint for size adjustment.

But for something you already own it can get you up and running quicker. Once you’re established then you can look to upgrade it later on.

Adobe Spark

Make Images, Videos and Web Stories for Free in Minutes | Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark Logo

From the creators of Photoshop comes Spark. Another great, design specific, online platform that allows you to create your social media art easily.

It’s another FREE to use platform. There are paid options available for their more premium ingredients but the Free plan is enough for starting out. In fact, the Free tier is even titled “Starter”. So that makes it easy to understand to get going.

No credit card required just enter the usual details and away you go. you can start creating right away. Creating the art you need for your social media accounts is simple.

Check it out here and if you like it then add it to your bookmarks


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