Does your Online Business need Click Funnels?

A review by Gaz Creswell

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Can you grow your online business with Click Funnels? Yes
Is it a scam? Nope
Would The Hero Lifestyle recommend them? Yes

What is Click Funnels?

Click Funnels is a tool for building effective sales funnels. You can use it if you’re promoting services or products. So it can be used by affiliate marketers, digital marketers, ecommerce store owners, and business owners. Either way its versatile so it can be used to help a variety of markets. The overall goal is to automate the sales process.

Click Funnels is designed to be an all-in-one tool. It makes it easy to build drag and drop pages but also integrates with other software such as auto-responders. You can add up-sells and down-sells to your funnel process to help with your conversions. The bottom line is that it’s not only there to grow your business but to save you time while doing it.

They offer website hosting to get you up and running quicker, templates and split testing (also known as A/B testing). This allows for you to see which funnel of yours is converting better so you can scale the winning funnel and get rid of the under performing one.


  • Import of funnels so other people can design the pages, all you have to do is import them.
  • Easy setup without the need for a lot of technical knowledge
  • Integration with other software such as autoresponders
  • Continuous Updates
  • Multiple products can be purchased to compliment the software giving you more of an edge to grow and scale your online business.


  • Monthly fees
  • Seems pricey when starting out
  • If you start on the platform then move to something like wordpress you can’t export from Click Funnels to the other software.
  • Because the books have been written by the co-founder of Click Funnels it can feel like a sell of the software at times

What other services are there?

There’s plenty on offer but only for anyone willing to act to invest in themselves or their business. This software is the brainchild of Russel Brunson who created multiple resources so he could help people achieve their goals. This includes:

One Funnel Away Challenge

one funnel challenge

Picture this, you’ve just lost everything. You have no list, no product and you have this course to take you by the hand to lead you to success. The idea is to accomplish this over 30 days using their best methods that are on offer.

Traffic Secrets

The book written by the Click Funnels founder himself, Russel Brunson. It reveals the strategies that he used to take Click Funnels from zero to over $100,000,000 in revenue in only 3 years. It’s one that is new to my collection and I’m currently learning a lot from it.

DotCom Secrets (2nd Edition)

This book breaks down the funnel building principles and strategies that he used. Not only that but its been revised and updated for 2020.

Expert Secrets (2nd Edition)

Inside the book, Russell shares his secrets on the art of finding your voice, and creating a message that will connect with your audience, so you can convert more visitors into buyers. Again, these are strategies that he uses and this is a revised edition for 2020.

There are more products but I wont list them all here. Above are just some of the assets that you can acquire through Click Funnels not just the funnel building software itself.


Click Funnels isn’t for everyone but it’s a very powerful tool with a full suite of integration methods. I no longer use it myself (full transparency here) but after signing up for the 14 day free trial I can see how beneficial this will be for others who don’t have the technical skill sets to do this through something like WordPress. Plus the fact you can import other winning funnels is simply amazing in my honest opinion. You can have someone design a funnel for you then just import it and let it do what it does best.

Personally if I was to use the software again I would equip myself with some of the other products mentioned above so that I could get the maximum benefit from it. I believe if you’re going to use a product then best to go all in and find the best strategies so you can get more from your investment in less time.

The fact it’s constantly being revised along with the accompanying products that are released shows that it will be here for a long time whilst also giving you the most from your money. This is a product that’s here for the business marathon.


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