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A review by Gaz Creswell

Missing piece to make money online?
The missing piece for entrepreneurs?

Straight to the point

Can you make money online with Legendary Marketer? Yes is the short answer. I’ll cover that in more length later on.
Is it a scam? Definitely not.
Would The Hero Lifestyle recommend them? 100%

What is Legendary Marketer?

It’s difficult to pin this company down to just one single entity. Personally I like to consider them as an online platform. A platform that contains a place for learning, for jump-starting a business and a platform to grow to success. However these qualities don’t work independently (although they could), they compliment each other. It’s this well oiled machine that really gives the customer true value and a great experience.

The Team

David Sharpe – CEO

David Sharpe - CEO
David Sharpe – CEO

Leading the company is David Sharpe. Someone who really knows what he’s doing but also has the status to back that up!
What I mean by that is that he has been involved in multiple companies that have made millions. This makes it feel more like a passion project because money isn’t the main incentive. Don’t get me wrong, like any company, they make money but there really is a sense of wanting to help from David and his team.

He takes the no nonsense approach (one that this site has also adopted) and I feel that when it comes to potentially life changing decisions people are making, this is the best way to be.

This is likely because he’s heard it all before. He’s literally come from rags to riches so he knows first-hand what it takes. His passion to help you make money online by growing a business to achieve success really shines through.

Matt – CMO

Matt is not only a marketing wizard in his own right but also holds a good technical skill set. He conducts some of the training with Dave and his abilities show when doing this without any struggles. It’s clear that what he teaches is something he’s done time and time again to become an advertising master. Matt is also very willing to help people that may be struggling in their marketing journey. Keen to answer any technical questions and like his CEO there is no BS. If he doesn’t know the answer straight away he will tell you that because he doesn’t want to waste any of your time.

The Business Plan Advisors

What’s great when you start your journey with Legendary Marketer is the free access to the Business Plan Advisors. They are there to help get you into the entrepreneur mindset and show how you can make the most out of the platform. They are not only your guides but much more.

You’ll find they share the same ethics as the rest of the company so really take the time to help you create the best foundations for your journey to success. My advice would be to listen to the advice they have to offer and to act on that. They know what they’re doing and they are there to help you. To have this extra help for free is truly amazing.

What’s on Offer?

15 day Online Business Builder Challenge

Taken from the Legendary Marketer website

This is what turned it around for me. I stumbled upon this because I was looking for ways to make money online and it really delivered. It cost me $7 (which was around a fiver for me living in the UK) and from that first day I felt like I had already been given my moneys worth! Packed with video content and additional free resources such as templates and PDFs which could be downloaded to keep. I found the course gave even more because of the free Business Plan Advisors. Each day was packed with so much value that broke down the marketing strategies into building blocks to succeed in your online business.

Further Breakdown

Day 1 to 3 can be done in an evening. I know this because this is how I did it. Just be aware that you won’t be able to go any further than day 3 until a Business Plan Advisor unlocks this for you.

I thought this was great as stops you rushing ahead. It gives you time to reflect and also have a discussion with someone about everything from mindset to strategy.

Some of the days will get you “Homework”. Make sure you do this. It’s not there to mess you about but to help you build up and visualize where you can take your business.

I think it’s around Day 6 where you get an offer from the company. If I’m honest my heart sank at first. I thought if I didn’t take the offer then I wouldn’t be allowed to have anymore days unlocked. I thought I had found the “gotcha” moment. Thankfully I was wrong AND I went on to buy the offer anyway as I saw the added value in it.

The rest of the challenge simply builds on the previous days to the point that when you finish you feel like you’ve completed something truly valuable with skills that will set you up for life.

Course Resources

You get plenty of resources along the way that you can keep and apply straight after completion.

This inlcudes FB Ads templates, Email scripts, video scripts, checklists and more.

They certainly don’t feel like rushed products made to just bulk out a course. You’ll find they dig into the psychology, mindset and structure. This ultimately reverse engineers the goal for you so you can see and understand how and why they were built up in a certain way. Like why an FB Ad follows a certain pattern or how to attract the right people through the different stages of a sales funnel.

Final Thoughts on the Challenge

I finished each day excited to start the next so I knew this was what I had been searching for from the very beginning.

It was halfway through one of the BPA meetings that I had my light bulb moment and visualized The Hero Lifestyle.

The course then complimented my ideas as it grew into a complete vision of what needed to be achieved. All of this came from the 15 day online Business Builder Challenge. If there’s one thing you’re going to take action on, take action on this!

What else does Legendary Marketer Offer?

Legendary Marketer have a wide range of products to compliment your online business venture. Below is just a few:

  • 15 Second Free Leads – This shows how you can generate FREE leads in tiktok. Think its all about teenagers doing silly dances? Think again!
  • The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing E-book – Straight from the mind of David Sharpe to give you the unfair advantage in affiliate marketing.
  • The Copywriters Playbook – Copywriting is an art form to persuasively write text which ultimately leads to conversions. This book shows you the tips and tricks on how to master this skill set.


I think it’s clear from the way I’ve written this review that I am highly in favour of this company and would recommend them to anyone.

The value it has given me has literally turned my life around and what I love about it is that it can do the same for anyone. That includes you reading this. I went ahead and bought something called “The Business Blueprints” which shows you how you can grow each stages of your business but you’ll find out more about that if you decide to sign up.

If you have any questions on Legendary Marketer please reach out to me through either this website or using the social media links towards the bottom of this page.

Thank you for reading this review and I hope you have received some value from it.

By the way, if you want to check out the 15 day online business builder challenge check it out here


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