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Article by Gaz Creswell

Google alerts for content ideas
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Google Alerts – What is it?

These are alerts from google that trigger after certain criteria is met. The alerts can be on anything you want it to be and will send the alerts straight through to your inbox.

Why does that matter?

This is something that can be great for helping you:

  • Get inspiration for content ideas
  • Find out the latest news in your niche
  • Use it to find ways to expand in your niche


Go to Google and type in Google Alerts. You will see a couple of options. I’m in the uk so you’ll see a “” site will come up first. Notice directly under that there is a “” one too. Click on the one that best relates to you.

Google Alerts search

If you’re struggling to find the alerts choose one of the links below (either one will work as they have the same options which we’ll come onto later on)

Now type in your niche topic. You can be as narrow or as thorough as you want. For this example let’s say we run a hiking blog and need some inspiration for content ideas. So type in hiking so see the relevance.

Hiking alert search

Looking at the results we can see there is a book about to be released which may be benefilcial to make a post about to inform people of this, there’s a hiking group that want to get going again (again can blog about for awareness), and there’s a post about the 4 best waterproof boots for hiking.

The last one is something that could be used to create our own list like the top 10 or even the 5 worst. Either way there is good inspiration in this search.

Setting up the alert

You’ve found a relevant topic and now you need to setup the alert. There are options available if you click on Show Options

Show Options

If you like the options shown you can go ahead and put in your email address or you an alter the options as seen in the screen grab below

  • How Often – Changes how often you receive the alerts
  • Sources – Change this if you want only news, only blogs, only videos (or more options) or if you want to do a combination
  • Language – What language the posts etc are in
  • Region – You could narrow this down to your country so for example if I only wanted Hiking alerts from the UK I would change this to United Kingdom
  • How many – Choose if you want the default of Only the best results or change it to All Results

Once you’ve chosen your preferred options put your email address in where it says Enter Email click Create Alert and you’re done.

Expand in your Niche

This just depends on how you get your “stuff” out there. If you’re a blogger you could setup another alert thats a bit more narrow to say Hiking Guest Posts. Now you can find other blogs who are asking for people give guest posts on their blog. Now you have a way (with permission) to link back to your own blog in the article to gain more readers/followers. This can also help with SEO through the back links.

If you like to do public speaking in your niche then change the Guest Post part of it to Guest Speakers.

You might not find something that is asking for guest speakers straight away but you might find one that says “Guest speakers to be announced”. Now you know that the event your looking at has guest speakers and you can reach out to them and tell them your story to see if it fits in with their event. Now you have a way of getting yourself in front of more people that might not have heard of you before and you could end up with more followers.


Above are just a few examples but you can make as many alerts as you like straight to your inbox. These can be with as narrow of a search or as broad of a search as you like. It’s free to do so just go and experiment. You can always turn them off later on.


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