Copywriting Secrets Book Review

Article by Gaz Creswell

Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards
Copywriting Secrets

What is it?

Copywriting secrets is a book that has been written to help the reader improve their skills in copywriting.

The aim is of this is to gain more clicks which will then transfer into more leads or conversions depending on the wanted outcome. All with the power of words.

Either way its there to help you get more ROI on your adverts so you can put more money in your pocket.

That is not any kind of income claim. What I’m stating that if you put in the hard work and apply the lessons taught in the book, then you certainly have a higher probability in succeeding.

Who wrote it?

Jim Edwards

Starting his career living in a trailer, having to take the hard route to learn these secrets, Jim has sold millions of products through the power of his words. It’s these skills that he now shares with you in this book so you don’t have to take the harder route that he took.
He’s also co-created the funnel scripts software to help anyone create professional copy in seconds no matter the skill set they possess.

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What’s good about it?

This is a book that takes you on a journey. Just like a classic video game the levels start out nice and easy. As you gain your experience and knowledge, you apply that to the later more complex teachings that are delivered throughout.

The book breaks everything down right from the start. Even the terminology is explained as no prior knowledge is assumed. This is great as anyone can pick up the book, no matter their skill level, and build their knowledge up chapter by chapter.

There are ready made formulas throughout which show how you can apply the techniques taught into any niche. There are full examples but also “fill in the blanks”. This is great for visualizing how these techniques can be applied into your own copywriting work.

The psychology behind the world of advertisement is explored too. The reason why copywriting is strucutred in such a way isnt just because it sounds nice. But because it aims to connect with the reader in some form.

Key Takeaway Points

It explains on how the different types of traffic can play a key part in deciding on how to write a piece of copywriting. When I say types of traffic I mean the stages of how people relate to you and your brand. This is broken down into the following:

  • Cold – The reader is unaware of you or your brand and possibly hearing about you for the first time.
  • Warm – They are aware of you and know a bit about you or your brand.
  • Hot – This is at the point the reader is pretty much ready to buy.

Hopefully you can see how each piece of copywriting used must differ depending on the traffic type? You wouldn’t write a pitch to someone who is only hearing about you for the first time. Jim goes into this further. The psychology of these stages in relation to the setup of the piece of copywriting is explored too.

This is just one of the key take away points. I have a different bookmark for each of the books I read. When I find a great page or section that I want to refer to later I write down the page number and title. After this book, with all the key points, my bookmark is full. There is so much value for anyone wanting to up their skill set in copywriting.

The Bad Points

The main annoyance for me the how many times his software was mentioned. However, for a book where you just pay shipping and handling its only fair to let the guy put in a pitch or two, right?

Other readers may not be so forgiving. But I think it should almost be seen as a “live” demo throughout the book. If you finished the book and wanted to at least check out the software then he’s proven the techniques taught are powerful and work.

But that’s how I looked at it anyway.


Just like the other books in the “Secrets” series there is a website page dedicated designed to compliment the book.

That link takes you to a page which, if I’m being honest, I nearly completely closed it on opening. The first thing you see when the page loads is Jim stood next to Russel Brunson in a video promoting the funnel scripts software.

Directly below is another section for Click funnels which is the software that Russel Brunson co-founded.

But scroll passed that so you then see there are resources to use. Resources like a link to Jims website so you can continue to learn from his blogs etc. Therefore it’s still important to check it out for the extra golden nuggets.


This is a well structured book that will be a great addition to anyones arsenal and not just in the world of marketing.

I found it enjoyable to read throughout and felt like I gained a great amount of value from it.

Long story short this is a book that I would recommend to any reader that would like to work on their self development especially in the marketing/sales niche.


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