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Article by Gaz Creswell

What is it?

Builderall is an all-in-one solution that fits into multiple business niches.
It works for bloggers, marketers, membership business and more. All of which can be done online on this all-in-one platform.
It has the tools designed to help you succeed in the online world as a business or as an entrepreneur.

Before We Go Further

Full transparency I don’t currently use Builderall.
“So why review it?” I hear you ask.
Let’s cut to the chase. This is an alternative to ClickFunnels and has more pricing options allowing entrepreneurs or small businesses to get started for less.
I was told about this a while back and after looking into all the features along with the price plans I felt I had to do my honest review on it.
I believe it could be of great value to someone who may be looking around for a powerful alternative to ClickFunnels that delivers on the tools without the price tag.

Back To It…

hey currently have a 14 day free trial to use all of the features before deciding on your best tool. I’ve opened one of their free tier accounts to take a look around and this was what made me feel like I had to do a review. What I like about this is you can really give it a test run and see how well you take to it without having to sink any money into it.
Personally I think this is the best way to do it. I feel if a platform is good enough then people will willingly pay for the add-ons later on.
It also means your not constrained by only deciding if it’s what you’re looking for within a certain time-frame.
You’ll see the amount that is included in the free tier is nothing short of amazing.

What’s Included?

So the screen grab below only shows half thepage. If I zoomed out to show everything you wouldn’t be able to read it anyway. But if you want to check out the comparison further check it out here.

Builderall plans
Prices right at the time of screen grab 20/09/2020

I know it’s not the clearest of pictures but if I zoomed in further it would show even less.

A Platform That Grows With You

So looking at the price plans above you can see how easy it is to get started at the lower end then you can add to it as and when you grow your business and need the tools. As opposed to paying the premium price straight away and not needing half the tools. I feel this is very appealing for entrepreneurs or small businesses that are trying to get setup and going before dealing with heavy financial outgoings each month.
Especially as a lot of entrepreneurs start their business as a side hustle so this helps give those people the chance to grow first.


The layout feels clean and not over complicated. When you go to your home screen (aka Dashboard) you will notice a tab at the bottom that says “Install more tools”

Builderall Dashboard

When you click on this you can see which tools can be added within your price plan and if you feel like you need it and want to upgrade you have the choice to do so. Again, you’re not overloaded with tools and features you dont need then charged a premium price for it. Instead just add it all when you grow your business.

More tools when you need them

Getting Started

When you get started there are training aids such as video that help you to get the most out of the platform and they have an Events Calendar showing you when they are holding appropriate training.
This can be either in their FB Group or in a zoom meeting. Either way the details are in the calendar entries.

Builderall Training
Builderall Training Schedule

Is Builderall Completed

Like most software companies they want to keep with the times. They also know the other companies that they are in competition with. This means that they frequently update the platform without further charges to make sure you have the most complete and impacting tools at your fingertips. Every now and again you’ll see a full platform upgrade.


With the free version I’m already extremely impressed. I currently use WordPress for my site and I have to admit the ease of their website builder was well thought out. I use Ionos for my hosting and email marketing so to see someone else who has the abilities to have all of this under one roof is definitely appealing and worth looking into.
As a final word, if you’re looking for an all-in-one that grows with your business and comes in a lot cheaper than ClickFunnels then Builderall may be the solution for you.


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