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A review by Gaz Creswell

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Helping Entrepreneurs launch to success

Straight to the Point

What is Appsumo? It’s a website that offers great deals on products whilst helping entrepreneurs launch their business
Is it a Scam? No
Would The Hero Lifestyle recommend it? Yes

A Deeper Dive

Let’s have a look!

AppSumo was created by Noah Kagan in 2010 and is something that has grown into a multi-million dollar company and isn’t slowing down.

It’s a website with a great function. By offering consumers great deals it helps the Entrepreneurs behind it to launch successfully.

What’s great for the consumer is that it’s a one-time fee so you don’t get caught up in a financial contract to continue using the service provided.

Any Freebies?

100% off?

There are lots of FREE offers on there! This can include courses, e-books and software. This is always getting updated so it would be a great idea to signup for their free newsletter so you know what deals are out.
Currently there are free courses for Facebook ads, Google ads, e-books on growing a business and so much more! Creating an account is free but they have a pro account which we’ll talk about shortly.

The newsletter itself is great. It’s not spammy and it informs people of up and coming offers, soon to expire offers and any deals that may be of interest currently available.

With the deals, the newsletter and the idea it’s such great value. Something that can be used time after time.

AppSumo also review the products themselves in great videos to help you decide if the product is right for you.

The creator himself, Noah, also has his own free material on there sharing how he built the empire that is AppSumo. He also creates YouTube videos as well to help fellow Entrepreneurs build their business to success. How great is that? Taking what he’s learnt along the way and helping people apply these strategies for free. This is also included in the blogs on the website which hold some great Hero knowledge.

Different Account Types

As we mentioned earlier there is a Pro account. If you find you become a frequent purchaser of the deals then this is a no-brainer. The pro account gives you 10% off of Appsumo purchases and also gives you extended access to the products (as some of the products are only available for select period of time).
You also get to use their KingSUMO Giveaway App too which is something they have been using for years which has enabled them to grow to over 1M subscribers!


So you’ve probably realised from this Appsumo review that we are big fans of this site. The value that’s given is incredible. And that’s one of the main key factors to success. Give value and your clients will come back for more.
So if you’re trying to get a business up and running but dont have a hugh budget or want to learn more information through some free resources then I recommend you at the very least take a look into AppSumo


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