Affiliate Marketing Tip – Advanced iFrame

Article by Gaz Creswell

quick tip for affiliate marketing
Quick Tip!

The Problem

You have an external web page that you want to have on your website. This could be for affiliate marketing reasons. If you add an external link to your WordPress menu it’s obvious it’s not your page because it loads without the accompanying themes like your other pages.
So this is a quick tip to get the page looking like its part of your website.

Any examples?

Sure, if you click on Free Video in my menu, that page is not one I created. Its an affiliate link to a funnel that when someone adds in their email I get their email address and name through as a lead. This allows me to follow up to see if they have any questions etc. It is however a free video from Legendary Marketer who (as you’ve probably seen) is on the Super Heroes list!

Step by step

  • Go to plugins then choose Add New
  • Search advanced iframe in the search bar and choose the on by Michael Dempfle.
advanced iframe for affiliate marketing
  • Click Install Now and then Activate
  • Once this has finished go to Advanced iFrame in the left menu
  • Inside the main window click the Basic Settings tab
  • Scroll down to URL and paste the link to the webpage (I’ve scribbled mine out for affiliate marketing reasons)
  • Scroll back up and click Generate a shortcut for the current settings. Copy the generated link
link removed for affiliate marketing reasons
  • Now go to your desired page (you may just want to create a new one) and paste that code in
  • Done

Now when you save/publish and preview the page you will see the webpage you wanted.

I decided to place mine in the menu as you can see but you may not want to do that.

As you can see there are more advanced settings but this is just a quick tip for getting an external page as part of your website.

Hope it helped.


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