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Meet Gaz!

Meet Gaz - about making money online
Gaz in Snowdonia

Hi! I’m Gaz and I’m the founder of The Hero Lifestyle.

This began as an idea after leaving the Armed Forces. I struggled to get the work I wanted, I struggled to pay my mortgage and began to feel like I was letting my family down. Negativity consumed me, impacting my home life and those that cared for me. I needed a way out and decided to find ways to make money online.

Frustratingly I found scam after scam and information that just didn’t deliver.
Eventually I found my way out. For me it was through a company called Legendary Marketer. They taught me how to build a business, how to change my mindset for the better, and how to grow as a person. Once I began to grow as a person The Hero Lifestyle grew as well.
(Check out my full review of Legendary Marketer here.)

I decided I would continue to learn and provide options to people. Now they can make their own decisions on how to build their empire. This way I could create this website to help people that were just like me. It’s here to cut through the BS and help people achieve the lifestyle they wanted.

I want this website to be Honest, informative, constantly updating and respectful to the reader. I hope you like what I’ve done here and I’m looking forward to working with you one way or another. Your time is now for financial freedom! You can become your own Hero by making money online effectively!


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